Selfies and Savings: How Social Media Posts May Impact Your Finances

Somebody has probably told you to be careful about the selfies you post online. Maybe they warned you that posting pictures of yourself partying hard will come back to haunt you in your professional or personal life, or some other assumption based on another human being looking at your photos and making judgments about your character. But what if computers … Read More

Lower Your Income Taxes by Putting Money in an IRA

Are you about to move into a higher tax bracket, thanks to the new federal income tax bill? It might not be too late to claim additional deductions in order to bring you down to a lower tax bracket. If you’ve got an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you can use the tax laws surrounding them to your advantage to save … Read More

Why You Don’t Really Want A Big Tax Refund

When you’re expecting a big refund, tax filing day can feel more exciting than your birthday. Last year, the average tax refund was over $2,800—that’s a big payout, and who wouldn’t be thrilled to look forward to the federal government depositing a huge chunk of change like that in your bank account? Here’s the thing. When you get a big … Read More