Four Bad Financial Habits Millennials Need to Break

Millennial makes money choice

Millennials get a bad rap in many ways. One frequent criticism of this generation is that they’re bad with money, spending their earnings on avocado toast and latte art instead of saving up for a house or a retirement account. There are a few kernels of truth to this stereotype, but it’s not entirely millennials’ fault. Their wages don’t have … Read More

How Forgiving Student Loans Could Fix the U.S. Economy

National Debt Forgiveness: A Radical Solution to Student Loan Problems

There’s a good chance that, if you’ve got a college degree, you’re still making monthly payments on it—even if you graduated years ago. Student loan debt is a growing problem in this country, with over 44 million Americans trying to pay off $1.4 trillion in combined outstanding debt. Those are pretty huge numbers, and for people whose college degrees haven’t … Read More