What Cryptocurrency Investors Need to Know About Filing Taxes

The cryptocurrency market isn’t the get-rich-quick tidal wave that it was just a few years ago, but it’s still a viable form of hobby investment for the tech-savvy and risk averse. However, one thing that many cryptocurrency investors don’t take into account is how cryptocurrency trading affects their income taxes. It’s easy to think of cryptocurrency as different and separate … Read More

What the Proposed Budget Means for Student Loans

The recently proposed a federal budget that makes some major changes to student loans, including eliminating the current student loan forgiveness program. There’s no guarantee that these changes will be ratified into law, but it’s important to understand how they could affect your student loan status if they are. First, we need to understand the current debacle that is student … Read More

Looking Forward to a Big Tax Refund? Don’t.

It might not sound like good news, but the average tax refund amount is getting smaller. Last year’s average refund was $1,949—still a significant amount, but not nearly as much as the year before. And that is good news. Big tax refunds certainly are exciting, and they’re far better than finding out you owe the government more money than you’ve … Read More