Sticking to Your Financial Resolutions Can Be the Easiest Task You Accomplish in 2022

The new year typically finds us reflecting on our goals, accomplishments and envisioning the future. But, unfortunately, money plays a large part in achieving the life we want, and that’s where it can get tricky. The positive news is that being good with money isn’t a magical skill-set acquired by a few lucky folks—it’s largely personal discipline. Habits become habitual, and getting into a solid money groove makes it easier to maintain financial resolutions all year round.

Cultivate gratitude

We all know that gratitude is important in our lives, but taking stock of and appreciating the little things ultimately keeps us satisfied with what’s ours. Making it a habit to acknowledge and appreciate the clothes we have, the food we eat, and the people who love us keeps us grounded when it comes to money. It’s easy to get swept up in glamorous social media posts and the warmth of the season; cultivating gratitude throughout the year can act as insurance against silly or excessive holiday purchases. A grateful attitude carried forward into the rest of the year keeps money in your pocket and a watchful eye on the goodness in life. 

Interrogate your motivations

Court is in session. When buying consumer items, we owe it to ourselves to build a solid argument in favor of each item. Challenging yourself on your thinking minimizes the chance of impulse purchases and forces us to confront our true intentions. Are you buying into a TikTok trend that’ll be over in a week? Are you momentarily feeling down on yourself and buying something to boost your mood? Self-awareness is the key to checking in with yourself before pulling out your wallet. The more honest you are, the easier it will be to stick with your financial resolutions throughout the year.

Compete with yourself for deals

For those who enjoy competition, your best adversary is looking back at you in the mirror. It can be immensely satisfying to compete with yourself to find the best deal or the exact item you were looking for. Waiting only to buy stuff you love or when it goes on sale means you’re less likely to buy on impulse because you’re on a mission. Having a goal in mind keeps you focused and more likely to resist temptation—plus, the game is more fun the more seriously you play it. When the item you’ve been watching finally goes on sale, it’s time for a victory lap. Plus, it’s unsatisfying to pay full price for the stuff you know drops in price fairly regularly or quickly. 

Tell everyone

One of the most common ways to slide off track with financial resolutions throughout the year is by keeping them a secret. It’s much easier to say yes to spending money with friends and family when they’re unaware of your goals and progress. By sharing your financial resolutions and enlisting everyone’s support, you’re creating accountability, a cheering squad, and an understanding of why your spending patterns might change or why you may be saying ‘no’ to more this year. Your discipline will likely inspire folks around you and foster a stronger community through shared support that’ll last throughout the year. 

Need Financial Advice for 2022?

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